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HC3R Magazines
New Lower prices for 2015 on HC3R Magazines!!!
HC3R Magazine $26
HC3R Magazine $26
HC3R magazine solves the common problems with the high capacity Ruger 10/22 magazines you’re used to. No more busting your thumbs loading up magazines, no more unreliable feeding, and no more crusty, impossible-to-clean mags fouling up your range day. The HC3R Ruger 10/22 magazine: Assembled with stainless fasteners. High-impact formulated composite resin body, not glued plastic. Stainless steel feeding lips. Reliable single stack magazine. Thumb assist, for ease of manual reloading. Ammo pocket to hold an additional 20 rounds on board. Removable Stripper Clip that allows those 20 rounds to be loaded in seconds. This magazine is capable of holding 45 rounds. Comes with a total of two stripper clips; Caps sold separately. The most effective way to use this magazine is to have 20 rounds in the magazine and 20 rounds in the ammo pocket. $26
Speed Loader  $25
Speed Loader $25
Stores 100 rounds of ammo for easy loading using the HC3R stripper clips (sold separately) and can also be used for ready-to-go ammo storage. Ideal to use with 5 stripper clips which hold 20 rounds each. $25
Stripper Clips: 3-Pack  $12
Stripper Clips: 3-Pack $12
Package of 3 stripper clips (rib clips) for use with the HC3R magazine and speed loader. Cap for each stripper clip included. Each clip holds 20 additional rounds ready to load into your HC3R magazine $12
Caps (6-Pack) for Stripper Clips  $5
Caps (6-Pack) for Stripper Clips $5
Package of 6 caps for use with the HC3R stripper clips (rib clips.) Useful add-on for 2 stripper clips that come with magazine, and they can serve as replacements for lost caps or for original spare rib clips without caps $5
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