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Fishing Trolling Diver Nitro Magnum Jet diver Clear
The Nitro Diver is a unique fishing system that incorporates fish-attracting colors and finishes with the ability to reach fish-holding depths in all lakes and rivers. Eagle Claw has taken it one step further, including a scent dispersion system to slowly release a strong trail of Nitro Gravy. (2-oz. bottle of Natural scent included) to lure fish directly to the bait. Nitro Gravy has Factor X2. Pheromone technology so fish will key in on the scent trail and follow it to the bait. Trolling with the Nitro Diver is easy, just attach it to your line with a 36" to 48" leader for your lure and soak the scent sponge and you're ready to fish. The diver will float while you let the line out, then dive to the proper depth with water resistance. Nitro Magnum: 7-1/2" dives to 50-ft
$9.00 each
Fishing Trolling Diver Nitro Magnum Jet diver SILVER
$9.00 each
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