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We only carry what we believe are the best available cleaning supplies. If you want something cheaper and inferior visit your nearest Walmart they can help you.

We at Carty Rod & Gun have found Bore Tech's Eliminator to be the best copper remover currently available.

In a two step process, ELIMINATOR first breaks down the copper by re-configuring its electronic state. Then, by a specially developed binding agent, ELIMINATOR acts like a magnet and selectively attracts and captures the copper in a suspended form rendering it unable to redeposit in the firearms bore. The continued rapid and complete extraction of any remaining copper progresses and cleans unimpeded by the captured copper molecules. Whether your barrel is steel, stainless steel, or lined, ELIMINATOR is 100% SAFE for an infinite period of time. Bore Tech’s ELIMINATOR is without a doubt the premier, state of the art bore cleaner that quickly eliminates copper fouling without the hazards, toxicity, and odors found in competitive based cleaners. You can trust Bore Tech. No “Snake Oil” here. Made in the USA

We think Bore Tech's cleaning rods are arguably the best available today and there are some good ones out there. These are what we use exclusively in our shop now, having replaced the other "GOOD" rods we previously used.

Bore Tech’s BORE STIX™ feature the only true ball bearing handles in the industry. This allows for effortless motion and precise following of the barrel’s rifling. Translation: BORE STIX provide effective cleaning and eliminate the frustrating issue of having jags and brushes unscrew. Our ergonomically designed handles offer a comfort grip, non-slip foam that also inhibits damage to the rifle stock. All BORE STIX utilize a caliber specific, enhanced steel core that allows for unsurpassed rigidity, minimizing the bow and flex found in other manufacturers’ cleaning rods. The steel core is coated with a proprietary, uniform covering that is extremely chemically resistant and durable. The coating does not soften letting bore debris embed into it and does not peel or scratch, even under the most extreme conditions.

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