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OLYMPIC ARMS 1911 Pistols

Update June 2023-

Olympic Arms Closed for good!

I Sold the last new Pistol. I will keep this page available as I will look for used pistols to purchase and sell in the future.


Their 1911's are no longer catalog items but they made a few pistols from the remaining inventory of parts. These are some of the last ones ever. As you know, Olympic Arms dropped the Safari Arms name back in 2006, but kept manufacturing 1911’s until 2014 when all 1911 manufacturing came to a halt due to the unexpected passing of Head Pistol Smith Richard Niemer. These are no longer produced. These Pistols compare in quality to custom pistols costing 2-3 times more. They shoot very accurately, something you get by chance by the mass produced 1911 pistols offered by the big custom names.

**SOLD**4" Journeyman  $1700

4" barrel, Built to Journeyman configuration but slide is un-marked I received this pistol straight from Olympic Arms. This pistol was completed in early 2017 by the pistol shop.


**SOLD**4" Cohort  $1800

4" barrel, Built on the Safari Frame (finger groove & square trigger guard. This pistol was completed in 2016 by the pistol shop.

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