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I found these American Made socks at the 2014 SHOT SHOW. After a 10 minute tutorial from the vendor on the benefits of their socks they gave me a pair to try. When I got back home I wore them 6-7 times and decided they were indeed a superior sock. I decided to bring this American Made product into our store. They are more expensive then most of us normally pay for socks but I believe they are worth it.


What socks are tougher than Darn Tough? None! Get the toughest, most durable socks available from Darn Tough Vermont. Each pair is woven from merino wool to wick away moisture and give you comfort. Pair any Darn Tough socks with tactical boots, and you’ll walk without sweating for days. You’ll never go back to ordinary socks after wearing Darn Tough

Made in Vermont U.S.A.

There’s a sign in our mill that states, “Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality.”Our feeling is that when you’re really serious about something you make it yourself. Our socks aren’t produced off shore or out-sourced within the US. We sell what we produce. All of our socks are knit here in our Northfield, Vermont factory. We purchase the finest raw materials from within the USA and abroad. We use the latest knitting technology and have the best-trained and hardest working people putting it all together every day. We know what goes into each and every pair of our socks. We have rigorous quality standards, and we hand inspect every pair of socks before we package and ship them out.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Unconditional lifetime guarantee—simply and without strings or conditions:

If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair, or your money back.

No strings. No conditions. For life.

Returning socks:

If you were able to wear out a pair of Darn Tough socks, we’ll replace them. At any time. Just package the socks up, fill out the form, and send to the appropriate address—we will send you a brand new pair!

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